Cylinder: it is made with a part of wood and a part of glass, and vice versa, that are joined by a steel plate. The glass cylinder is made by several disks stacked and glued. The possible size is: thickness of 2500 mm, min. diameter of 25 mm, max. diameter of 250 mm. The percentage of wood and glass is freely allowed. It is possible to make just the plane glass body. The only wood element is available in beech wood, walnut and other kinds of wood. It is possible to make parts exclusively with metal.

Square: available in the same types of the cylinder. These pieces are usually used as legs for tables, small tables and support for planes and they can be made as well with marble.

Helical structure: it is a structure made with overlapping, opened out and glued parallelepipeds. It is an original glass structure, which can be assembled with other materials as well.

Cone-shaped support: it is a support with the shape of a truncated cone, which can be used instead of the cylinder; it is possible to use different materials: glass, wood and metal.

Pyramidal support: it is a glass support with an irregular shape. It can easily be used as foot to support furniture.

Connecting plates: accessories of ground steel, available as well in brass; they are round and square. Thickness and diameter are changeable. They connect glass bodies and other materials: e.g. wood-marble.

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