Shaping: examples of shapes (click on the word shaping to display them), which can be made on any type of glass sheet: - trapezoid and right-angled triangle parallelogram - rectangle or triangle with a shaped side - circles and ellipse.

Internal shaping: inside particular cuts it is possible to make a polished finishing with different techniques, from the manual processing to the processing with CNC machines or with water jet cut. It is a possibility for the field of furniture.

Grinding: it is a processing that gives a better finishing to the edge and to the corners and a greater mechanical resistance of the glass sheet thanks to the lack of micro-cracks. Different types of wheels are used, from the traditional wheels with grinding belt to diamond or resinoid wheels. It allows to have a 90 angle from the surface and to improve the appearance and brilliance of the glass sheet.

Corners: it is possible to make corners with all types of radii. This processing is fit for any thickness.

Drilling: by means of special drills, with diamond crown tools, it is possible to make holes with diameters from 3 to 180 mm. It is moreover possible to make various types of milling, e.g. geometrical carving, allowing to insert light sockets inside a glass sheet, voice holes, breath-cover disks, paper holes, notches for sliding glass.

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