Award "La Lombardia per il Lavoro 2008"

Lombardia per il Lavoro 2008  Lombardia per il Lavoro 2008  Lombardia per il Lavoro 2008  Lombardia per il Lavoro 2008 

On October 5th, 2009 at the Gaber Auditorium of Milan, the President of the Lombardy Region, Roberto Formigoni, handed to Mr Alberto Carminati the award "Lombardy for Work 2008".
View the certificate for the award "Lombardy for Work 2008".

Established in 1996 on the initiative of President Roberto Formigoni, the award "Lombardy for Work " is a public recognition for the commitment, hard work, creativity and cleverness of citizens who have significantly contributed to the economic and social development of Lombardy in the world of work, enterprise even of solidal and supportive kind - and professions.
The award, handed to five residents in Lombardy, is represented by an object of artistic value, accompanied by a scroll bearing the motivation.
A jury, chaired by the Chairman of the Regional Committee, evaluates the applications taking into account the following characteristics:
_ Qualification of the business, through the acquisition of new professionalism and managerial ability
_ Ability to identify and enter new productive sectors nationally and abroad with particular reference to expanding markets
_ Introduction of new technologies and new working methods
_ Ability to adapt to changing economic and social needs
_ Creation of new types of work
_ Investment capacity and creation of new jobs
_ Adaptation to innovative production processes
_ Proactive approach and participation in company policies

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