IGLASS is an artisan company for the second glass processing: a long and qualified specialization, which began in the '50s, documented by numerous productive references, present in various regions of Italy and Europe. Next to modern numerical control machines, suitable for the processing of each type of glass, of varying shape and thickness, in a completely original way IGLASS has a large experience in manual processing, which well combines with the new technologies, to meet the most refined and high-quality production requirements, especially for interior design.

Moreover, the constant search for new technical solutions enabled IGLASS to go further and to provide innovative solutions in the construction industry, particularly for exterior walls, and in a variety of structural products for furniture construction, in replacement of materials normally used.
Note, in particular, the production of anti-scratch, anti-slip, decorated glass, tempered and stratified with different materials. It is possible to make large glass sheets.

IGLASS also ensures the excellence of some services, including production flexibility, on-time delivery and installation.
IGLASS is a privileged consultant to many companies in the furniture industry, to construction companies and to several architectural firms, with them innovative manufacturing solutions are worked out several times, in close collaboration and with the required professional competence, appreciated and also awarded with awards of institutional nature.